Welcome to the Queendom of English Boardom!!!


Enter a world where pushpins and staples sparkle like diamonds! Feast your eyes on the perfectly straight edges of cutouts and borders! Bask in the glamorous color and shades of stylized chalk art and hand-drawn cartoons! Nourish your mind with facts about faraway places, famous personages, and the intricacies of English grammar! Here is the place where boredom transforms into Boardom, a magical transcendence bursting with all the possibility of giant blank slate – or an empty corkboard!


We are two expats living in Japan, teaching English at the senior high school level. We love our jobs, and our students, but sometimes our class schedules aren’t quite as busy as one might imagine. Sometimes, despite our efforts, we get a little bored.

Fortunately, Japanese office protocol states that passing out at one’s desk is perfectly acceptable. However, due to cultural differences, we are unable to adapt to this behavior. So, instead of complaining or commiserating, we decided to channel our extra energy into a series of craft-tacular masterpieces! Behold the glory of the English Board!

On this blog you will find photo documentation of our individual English Boards, used to engage students, promote English, and decorate our classrooms. It is our hope that these examples might inspire you to splash some color on blank spaces, to pushpin and staple and tape and glue to your heart’s content, or to reignite a currently dormant passion for craftin’. Armed with markers, scissors, paper, and a little bit of cheek, you too can rule the realm of English Boardom from your very own corky throne!


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