Special Feature: Halloween

Yes, Halloween was five months ago.  Yes, I’ve been terribly late in updating.  Hopefully this post will motivate you to plan ahead better than I did.

Halloween took up two sections on my English Board.  I used cheap 100Y Store garland to add an extra pop.  I also cheated a little and didn’t actually take down the country of the month – I just stapled blank paper on top of it!  The cauldron was a last minute edition but I’m happy with how it came out!  The spiderwebs were super easy to make!  First, find some origami paper in appropriate colors.  Then fold and cut the squares as if you’re making a paper snowflake.  Cut accordingly so the final product is more linear/ web-looking and not all leafy and swirly like a snowflake, trial and error.  The spiderwebs are a good way to add color and take up space, if necessary.

Finally, I cut out a giant black cat for the other board.  In my lessons students made their own jack-o-lantern.  They had the option to take home their drawing or leave it with me.  I quickly cutoff the extra paper on the worksheet and stapled the pumpkins onto the board.  There’s nothing wrong with (unknowingly) enlisting your students’ help to decorate your board!

IMG_5020 IMG_5021 IMG_5022 IMG_5026


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