Special Feature: Melbourne Cup

In Australia on the first Tuesday of November at 3pm every year a famous horse race occurs.It is called the melbourne cup.This special feature board had information about how we celebrate, who attends(which celebrities), what we wear, as well as many other things.
This board did not have characters but instead I made small versions the jockeys jerseys and the patterns they each had.


I also draw some horses for decoration because the Melbourne Cup is a horse race.



When we attend the races we can place bets after looking at the odds of the horse winning on the boards. So I also thought it would be fun to show what odds each horse had of winning the race. (sorry the picture is not great because its older)

and here is the overall board(again a bad photo I am sorry). In the  green is a list of people who have attended the Melbourne Cup in the past such as Olivia Newton John, Snoop dog,k Princess Diana and more.
Fashion at the melbourne cup is also very important so I put up pictures of celebrities as well as pictures f types of Melbourne Cup fashion. I really was hoping to get the pictures in colour but I was unable to do that.



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