Song of the week: Frozen

It seems frozen has become an incredibly popular movie all over the world. Here (in Japan) the movie is called Anna and the Snow Queen (アナと雪の女王). The movie was realeased here months later so I originally made a song of the week for frozen and the students had no idea what it was. Now I have tried again and it has been more successful.


The first pictures are of my original song of the week poster and drawings. There are links that they can take in the carrot ( which is also a pocket to hold them). In this case the words are on the poster itself with the translation but since then I have revised how I do ‘song of the week’.







Song of the week now consists of booklets with a picture on the front, on the inside is both the English words , Japanese translation and web link to the video. The students can simply take these from the pocket and read them later.

Also I have pull tabs which I used originally but I don’t think the students fully understood the idea.Now I also have picture description of how to use them (Thanks to Claire).





Ash Out!


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